One of the best ways a company can get you interested in their product or service is by offering you something for free, as we all like free stuff.
But some products & services cannot be given away for free, many service based companies give you a quick look at what is available and then will hope you continue your account (& pay) or try out another service with them.

Firstly are these companies safe?

The short answer is yes, but make sure you read any terms and conditions before proceeding.

So what can I get?

What? How Long for? Easy to cancel?
Please contact us if these have changed or you find more.
Free Audiobook 14 days Yes, cancel on 13th day. Keep Audiobook.
Free DVD Rental 30 days Yes, phone up and send DVD’s back before 28th day.
Free Food Trial 1 box + 1 half price Yes, select once per week & then delete account after you receive 1st box.

What else should I know about free trials?

This free trial is asking for my credit/debit card details?

Yes most free trials ask for a payment card, this checks your identity so you cannot have more free trials + the hope is you will forget about the free trial and continue to pay.

Are my credit/debit card details safe?

Again the short answer is yes, but you should always be cautious of placing trust in websites that ask for your details.
To play on the safe side it might be a good idea to get a pre-pay debit card, these cards work in the same way a pay-as-you-go phone works.
You top up the card when and if you need money on it & if the card details get compromised you only have to worry about the small amount of money left on the card.

How to avoid being charged:

Set a reminder on your phone or add the date to your diary/calendar.

How can companies afford to give stuff away for free?

Simple, normally companies have to pay huge overheads to get you to notice them. But now thanks to the internet & social media companies can just offer a free trial and people are more than willing to give it a go and probably tell their friends about it.