Don’t use hotels

Spend the same or less & get an amazing place to stay. Adriano P./airbnb

Hotel prices generally are a rip off, a new genre of B&B’s have popped up across the world, they’re created by like minded people who have lovely home to share or rent for short periods of time.

What is it?

  1. Someone has a spare room/area available to rent out
  2. You want need to visit somewhere (over 19,700+ cities available) so do a search & find a great looking place to stay.
  3. You tell the site the dates you want etc & request a stay at the room/area.
  4. The owner sees your profile & might send you a few messages to ask about your visit.
  5. The owner confirms your dates, payment is taken & this is then held by the company in the middle to ensure both parties are happy before payment is released.
  6. You visit, enjoy the stay & leave honest feedback.

Is it safe?

Yes, but you may need to make some precautions before visiting & especially if you’re renting out.

I’m planning to visit somewhere and fancy searching for a room.

Well you can pick from over 19,732 cities in 192 countries, so the world is your oyster, but follow these precautions:

  • Check the area you’re planning to stay in, do a Google street view check if possible.
  • Read the previous reviews
  • Message the owner and ask any questions you don’t know the answer to.
  • Check out similar prices at local hotels, as this may be a better option in some areas.

I’m interested in renting a room out, cool, follow these precautions:

  • You will need to sort out a room/area, take photos and upload.
  • You can view everything about the people who would like to visit your property
  • You get a $50,000 Host Guarantee, giving you full protection against theft & vandalism.
  • A 24/7 phone number to contact

How much is the average saving?

It can be £100’s but you will probably find it’s worth spending the same amount to get an amazing room with a super friendly/helpful person to share the flat/house with, making the experience 10x better.

Show me how it works: