When you shop via a cashback website, retailers (the websites you actually buy from) pay the cashback site some money for referring sales to them and they pass all of this on to their members, this is called cashback or moneyback.

Save £100's per year.

So how much can I save?

Depending on your usage between £50-£400 per year.

It sounds complicated, what do I actually have to do?

  1. Join a cash back website.
  2. Search for the online shop you want to purchase with.
  3. Click ‘Get Cash back’ &  get redirected to the retailers website.
  4. Complete your purchase like usual.
  5. Within 5 – 30 minutes you will see the commission (money) in your cash back account.
  6. Once it all gets approved (1-2 months) the money is transferred to your bank/paypal.

Which are the best cash back websites?

How many shops can I save money with?

Roughly 3500.

Is my money safe?

Sort of, most cash back websites are governed by the FSA

What can go wrong with cashback?

  • Cashback will not track, this can be due to several reasons. To avoid make sure you clear your internet cookies before buying anything via a cashback website.
  • Cashback gets declined by the retailer. Make sure you read the terms and conditions for each retailer, some will only offer cashback on certain items/orders. These will track on the system but then will be cancelled later on.
  • Retailers are sometimes slow. You can wait up to 3 months for payment, because someone somewhere isn’t doing their job quick enough. Contact the cashback site if you’re waiting 2 months or more.

Are there any tricks?

Yes, you can actually make a profit on some purchases.

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Still not sure what this is?

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