Promotions can be great, but remember the companies offering them are here to make money out of you.

For instance Tesco do lots of buy 1 get 1 free deals or even buy 1 get 2 free deals, which seem like a great deal, but when you realise the price for the original item has gone up nearly 3 times over the previous week, you may feel ripped off!

This happens a lot on pizzas, tins of tomatoes & baked beans.

Most tech savvy shoppers use their smartphone to check prices for most items, more on that later.

How to beat promotions?

Glitches, Glitches & Glitches.

If you can find an item that has a promotion ending today & a new promotion starting tomorrow, you might find that both working simultaneously.

Read more about supermarket price glitches.

Buy products in bulk instead.

You might find that buying the same product in bulk actually is still cheaper.

Use a voucher at the same time as a promotion

This one is brilliant, we show you a £1 off voucher for a certain product.
A supermarket runs a promotion where the item is now £1, you walk away with a great freebie.
The lastest voucher glitches can be found on our Facebook page & Twitter account.

How do I know when a promotion is actually any good?

This can be difficult, best thing to do is post the deal/promotion on our Facebook page and let the community decide.