End of line, out of date stock

We all know supermarkets/shops cannot sell products once they reach the Sell By Date, so what happens to all that stock that is left over? Simple, companies purchase the products from the shops at a highly reduced rate, they then sell it all online for members of the public to purchase.

Total saving £149.15

Total saving £149.15. We paid £73 delivered.

So you can buy clearance branded food & drinks at up to 90% off.

Thousands of products that are short dated, out of date or in date but end of line/clearance.

Shipping depends on weight, but buy certain items and get £5.25 taken off the shipping price.

This food is all fine to eat, it may taste slightly different but from past experiences it’s perfect!

Few statistics:

Did you know that 7.2 million tonnes of food is thrown away from UK homes every year? This costs families on average £680 per year. So doing a few of these orders per year will probably save you a few hundred pounds & remember it’s only use by dates that you need to worry about.
Learn about ‘Use by’, ‘Best Before’ & ‘Display Until’ labels

So what are the items actually like?

Does the food taste or smell different?

No, the only thing we noticed is that the coke wasn’t quite as fizzy as normal.
The crisps were crunchy, the bread was soft, the fruit was fresh & the spices were spicy 🙂

How long did it take to arrive?

4 days, but that included a weekend.

Was anything broken/damaged?

No, it was the best packaged delivery we’ve ever received, bubble wrap, boxes inside boxes inside boxes & polystyrene foam everywhere!

Any tricks?

They don’t do free delivery codes, but take advantage of the discounted delivery section.
Example: Instead of paying £5.25 for delivery you pay £6.99 for 30 bags of Special K Mini Breaks, so effectively you pay £1.74 for delivery up to 25KG. Obviously don’t bother with the mini breaks if you’re not going to eat them, they’re OK tasting but you can tell they’re a ‘healthy’ snack!

So all the food is out of date?

No, its generally either past it’s best before, it’s end of line or clearance.

What does best before actually mean?

“The ‘best before’ dates are about quality rather than safety. When the date runs out it doesn’t mean that the food will be harmful, but it might begin to lose its flavour and texture.” – Food Standards Agency

£149.15 saving is crazy & doing this every few weeks will save you a small fortune – Buy past best before date products