Complaining pays

If you've ever been unfairly treated, you should complain.

Some people feel embarrassed or even scared of complaining to a company, how silly!

STOP:  You should only complain when something is genuinely wrong, if you complain every time you buy something in the hope of a freebie, you will soon be labelled as a troublemaker and denied entry to all your local shops. This happens across the country in many supermarkets everyday.

When should I complain?

  • If you were treated poorly, i.e. staff were rude, not helpful or made you feel embarrassed.
  • If you tried to return an item and couldn’t because of a silly rule i.e. Tesco selling all games open, so you can’t take them back!
  • If  you were overcharged or labels in store were different to the price you paid.
  • If you buy something and it doesn’t work (iPhone apps,

Companies are thankful for complaints

If a company can find out where it might be annoying, frustrating or forcing customers to not shop with them, they can plug the holes and keep customers.

What am I likely to receive?

  • A written apology, good but not great.
  • Some goodwill vouchers/credit etc
  • A full refund + keep the item + credit note (i.e. they pay you to buy)

How do I complain?

Most large companies have contact forms on their websites, phone numbers to ring or even facebook pages.

What seems to work best?

  1. Give a full description of the issue
  2. Explain how this made you feel
  3. Explain that you want to be told what is going to be done about the problem
  4. Explain how you felt after the problem, i.e. amazed it could happen, sad that you were treated that well.
  5. Explain your previous customer loyalty if any.

An example & what the person got:

A member of the team’s girlfriend purchased him a PS3 game from a local Tesco store, problem was he had ordered it from Amazon a few days before and forgot to mention it.

The girlfriend tried to take the game back to Tesco but was told no refunds as the games packaging was open. Problem is most if not all tesco stores sell games with open boxes i.e. no cling film around the box. The girlfriend explained the situation & was still refused, but this time in a manner that was not polite, she felt embarrassed & left the store.

After mentioning this to the boyfriend, he followed the tips above and contacted Tesco for an explanation, a customer service manager rang the next morning, apologised for the issue & without hesitation offered a full refund with no need to return the game.