Buy more

It sounds stupid right, we’re trying to spend less money so why would we buy more?

Buying in bulk saves money, but only if you're going to use it. Photo from rhosoi on Flickr

Simple generally the high the quantities the cheaper stuff becomes, for instance buying the following:

Tesco own brand Cornflakes would cost you £1.29 for 500g or 750g for £1.65.
Buying the larger packet saves us 4p per 100g, doesn’t sound like much & it isn’t. But if you did this every week for a few years, that would equate to a good few boxes of free cornflakes!

The main rule to follow when buying in bulk is ‘will I actually use it’, if you the answer is yes then it’s likely buying in bulk will save you money.

Where do I get bulk buy deals?

  • Most supermarkets, but these aren’t always the best places
  • Wholesale shops / warehouses – Best for bulk buying, some charge fees so only worth it if you’re going to spend enough per year.

How much can I realistically save?

This really depends on the quantity of food, products you consume, as if you buy in bulk and its perishable you will loose money.

I cannot afford to buy in bulk? Why don’t you:

  • Split the cost with friends, family & neighbours.
  • Think of it as an investment, buying bulk is all about economy of scale, i.e. 500g of rice for £1 or if buying in bulk £3 which equals 500g for 75p, so you save money longterm!

What are the best items to buy in bulk?

  • Dried foods (cereal, nuts, seeds, biscuits)
  • Tinned products (fruit, beans, tomatoes)
  • Oils, both cooking and car
  • Bottled drinks
  • Cleaning products

Buy in bulk, buy out dated items & save over 70% on your monthly food bills

If you haven’t read about out dated food & getting it shipped to your house, you’re truely missing out!