Back up your phone & the contacts

So we don’t have to have another FB group requesting our bloody numbers.

As you might be able to tell, we hate when people don’t back up their friends phone numbers. You should try living with us 🙂

But seriously how many people have lost, broken or had their phone stolen?

Image courtesy of whatleydude (Flickr)

To save your insanity and your friends, take this simple step to save all your contacts online (securely) just in case something goes wrong!

Most new phones allow you to back up contacts along with everything else when you plug the phone via USB into your computer, but failing that the simplest option for Blackberry/iPhone/Windows users is to download Google Sync.

Google sync basically copies all your contacts to the web (securely) and then every change you make is automatically updated, so you don’t have to worry. Google Sync is totally free to use and abuse.

Update: Apple now offers automatic contact back up using iCloud. Android has always offered this.

Got an old phone?

Copy all contacts to the sim card and use one of these to copy them to your computer.

How do I back up my photos & videos?

This will depend on your handset, but most will allow you to plugin via USB and copy the images to your computer.
Newer handsets can be setup to automatically back up images directly to the internet, do some internet searching to find out how best to do it on your phone.

Yeah but how will this save me money?

Simple, if you annoy anyone else with an annoying request for phone numbers, we guarantee you’ve just lost 5 friends.

  • 5 friends that could have bought you a drink on your birthday
  • 5 friends that might have something for sale that you know is a bargain
  • 5 friends that may have offered you a £100,000 job in the future but now won’t as they know your not organised enough to back up a few phone numbers.

Rant over. Back up your phone numbers. End of.