Back up your passwords

Have you ever forgotten a password?

Using a password manager can save you time & money

Yes. It’s so frustrating and on average takes 1 to 5 minutes to sort out.

Why don’t I just write down all my passwords on a piece of paper?

So many people do this & the problems are so obvious:

  • You loose the paper
  • Someone steals the paper
  • The paper gets worn over time
  • Someone copies the passwords off the paper
  • You spill a drink on the paper
  • Grrr paper…. + its 2012 get into the digital world!

What is the best method of keeping passwords secure, but always ready to be viewed?

The best password system can be accessed on Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad from anywhere in the world.

Use multiple iOS devices? (i.e. iPhone & iPad) download & pay £10.99 for the Pro Version.
Use a Mac/PC + Android/iPhone/iPad buy the full package for £34.99

How does this save me money?

Think about it, someone offers you a deal you cannot refuse, it’s going to make you £1000’s, its not a scam and all you need to do is log on to online banking and……………… Yeah you forgot your password.

But on a more serious note, the amount of time you will save is amazing, after a few years you might even have saved days of your life by using a password storage system.

Are my passwords actually secure?

The short answer is yes, your passwords are secure.

The long answer is yeah sort of, all encryption can be broken if enough man power and time is available. For most standard tasks like logging into social networks, ebay, etc then a password manager/storage system will be more than adequate.

Please note: you should probably not store codes for all your online banking passwords, pin numbers for credit/debit cards or codes to launch nuclear missiles within these password systems.