Back up your computer

Back up your computer – It will save you money and sooooo much frustration in the long term.

Everyone has had that horrible feeling, when you are looking for an important document, but its not where you think, your brain goes into actual panic mode and you frantically hunt the depths of you computer to find it! But what would happen if your computer actually broke? Or worst still it got stolen!

Backing up your computer is simple to setup and can save you £100's + hours of frustration!

Would you be able to find that important document/photo then?

Industry experts state you should have at least 3 back ups of all of your documents, this sounds daunting at first but is actually fairly easy to do:

  1. Get a portable hard drive which plugs into your computer/laptop and when connected automatically backs everything up.
  2. Back up via software to the web (securely into ‘the cloud’).
  3. Copy documents on to a hard drive / DVD / CD and send it to family members for safe storage.

It only takes 15 minutes to set this all up and it can save you £100’s & days of work.

What? Cost More info:
Please contact us if these have changed or you find more.
Dropbox Free up to 16GB with student account + referrals Imagine a virtual memory stick, you can access it from anywhere & drag-and-drop files direct to your ‘dropbox’. Get a free Dropbox account.
Memory Stick £3 to £20+ Plug them into any computer and transfer files – The cheapest memory sticks in the UK are from 7DayShop Online or Amazon USB store.
2GB will store 250,000 text emails, 200 MP3 Songs & 300 photos. So its probably best to go for something between 4GB – 16GB, as this will give you plenty of storage for now and the future.
Automatic Offsite Backup System £20 to £60 per year Software automatically uploads selected folders/files to the internet in a secure area only accessible to you.Try 2GB FREE with Mozy Backup or pay £4.99 a month for unlimited storage.
Local complete back ups (hard drive) £30 to £60 Buy an external hard drive, then use software (TimeMachine Mac or Mozy PC) to automatically save changes you make to the external hard drive.
Get insurance! From £5.99 a month If you own a laptop, iPhone, mobile phone, iPod, camera or any other gadget & it was stolen are you covered for its loss? If you spill a drink over it, are you covered? – For as little as £5.99 you will get a new device within 48 hours and be covered against, theft, accidental and liquid damage, breakdown, unauthorised use & loss (£1 extra). Or get full contents insurance.