Back up your car

Back up plan for car – Yes this will save you cash and possibly your life!

Ever broken down on the side of a motorway at night, in snow with crazy fast winds?
No we haven’t either, but imagine if you did, most recovery companies take 30mins-2hours to get to you and then they’ve got to fix your car (at a cost), in extreme conditions people have had to sleep in their cars overnight (not fun when its -10c).

Winter car driving

Image courtesy of The Highways Agency (Flickr)

Make sure your car has all of the following:

  • Break down triangle – £3 to £6
  • First aid kit – £3 to £7
  • A torch – £1 to £20
  • A fire extinguisher (preferably not in boot) £8 to £15
  • Emergency blanket – £1 to £3
  • Mobile phone charger – £5+
  • Pen / Paper
  • Emergency food / Dried food – £3+

Optional extras which will save you looking like an idiot when the recovery truck comes out:

  • Tyre pump – £5 to £15
  • Jump leads – £5 to £15
  • Tow Rope – £5 to £15
  • Car jack / Tools etc + knowing how to actually change a wheel!

How will this save me money?

Putting out a break down triangle won’t make you look cool in front of your mates & it might cost you £3 but all of your mates would be more than willing to pay that if a 44 ton truck smashes into the back of the car & you’re 150 miles away from home.

Should I get breakdown cover?

The short answer is Yes.
The long answer is probably, unless you know lots about cars, have a mate that can pick the car up & you only drive within a 30 mile radius of your house then you probably don’t need it.