Back up your brain

Back up your brain / your second brain

The Brain

Back up your brain, everyone forgets stuff! - Image courtesy of Liz Henry (Flickr)

You make notes, these notes are pieces of information that you need to remember for a future date or because a lecturer/teacher is staring at you and you think shit I better write something down 🙂

So you have all these notes in various notebooks, but wouldn’t these notes be 10x better if you could edit, search, collate, share or even add images, recordings and videos to them.

What if you could also view these notes anywhere in the world, at anytime on any device.

Enough babbling, just get on and sign up for the best note software in the world (trust us, we’ve tried them all), it is the best in the business and we fully recommend it to all students, in fact we fully recommend it to everyone, hence why everyone in the office is using it and most of their family members.