Buy the same things but spend less on them, simple to say but hard to do, hopefully we can help. johnonolan/Flickr

You want to ensure your monthly costs are reduced before you start making any money, this will obviously maximise your total profit.

Saving money can actually be quite fun, in a weird ‘I want to beat supermarkets’, ‘always pay the lowest price’ & ‘never get ripped off’ way.

Firstly remember companies are here to make a profit from us, they always will try sell us the items that make them the most profit but the most important thing for them is to turn you into a regular customer (i.e. loyalty cards, vouchers, free parking & free bags), these are all great and can give a better customer experience but surely overall value for money is the most important thing to us students.

Spend Less but have the same things:

Lots of people think they’re ‘too busy’, ‘can’t be bothered’ or even frightened to use the following when shopping, how stupid!

Use the internet to save loads of money

We all know that buying online can be cheaper, but there is so much more to the internet than just cheap shopping!

Back up your life & we guarantee you will save money in the long run

Ever lost something, a phone? a computer? a password? It officially sucks! – These simple tricks will save you money in the long term, but mostly will help ease frustration when you lose something.