Get paid to visit shops

Amazingly you can walk into a shop, get out your smart phone and get paid 20p to 50p.

Walk into a shop, pull out a smartphone. Click check in. Get paid!

How much can I make?

Up to £38.40 per year, not bad if you’re walking past the shops 🙂

Is it free to use the app?

Sort of, its free to download and use, however the account the app is linked to has a £5 per year fee, this amount is taken from earnings so you don’t have to pay them.

So how do I do it?

Register for an account & then download the mobile app, its the same app that you use to claim cashback.

Where? How much? Max Per Year
These change fairly regularly, the above is an example.
Carphone Warehouse 25p £6.50
Body Shop 25p + 30% £6.50
Halfords 20p £7.20
T-Mobile 20p £5.20
Carpet Right 20p £5.20
Argos 10p £2.60
Thorntons 10p £2.60
Staples 10p £2.60
Total per year £38.40

So what do I do exactly?

So you visit a pre-selected shop, open the smartphone app and click ‘Check in’, once the app confirms your locations (using your phones GPS) you are rewarded with 10p to 50p. Easy money!