Tv & Film Extra

What is an extra?

You can be in your favourite show, meet the stars and get paid for it!

Have you ever watched a TV series & noticed the people walking, sitting, chatting, driving, coughing or reading a paper in the background of the scene?  Well those people get paid and so could you!

How much can I make?

£70-£130 a day, with bonuses for things like providing your own costume or doing a ‘walk-on’. Overtime is paid at around £11 an hour.

Where do I find the jobs?

Do I need a drama A-level/degree?

No, but it might help getting other speaking roles, which are higher paid.

Is this the best I can do?

Tv/Film Extra work gives you a step in the door, you experience what happens when the cameras are on & off. It’s relatively stress free and fair easy work.

Watch this to see some extras in action: