Surveys/opinions panels

What are surveys/opinion panels?

Companies need to know if their products/services are any good, so they ask survey company users to answer questions, in return they pay cash.

Complete simple surveys and get paid in vouchers or cash

How much will I get paid & how long do they take?

A 2 to 15 minute surveys will give you roughly 10p-£3.
A 15 minute to 1 hour survey will earn you between £3-£30.

What are the best survey companies?

Pays up to £5 per survey – Get paid via Paypal aka into your bank account
The average you will actually get paid is  17p to 86p per 10 minutes
(Pays via Paypal, Amazon Vouchers & monthly draws)

Earn up to £10/pm – Ipsos (ensure you get directed to correct website)
Plenty of surveys, upfront about pay amounts,

US website but pays with Paypal or Cheque – Global Test Market  (ensure you get directed to correct website)
1087 Market Points= £30

Test products, keep them & complete surveys for cash
Get sent products like Toiletries, Gadgets, Food etc to test + normal surveys.
80,000 points = £15 voucher, you can wait ages for vouchers to arrive but they do come
99% of the time you won’t actually get a product, it’s picked at random and only like 10-200 items are ever available but still worth a sign up

Roughly 40p per survey
WARNING: Be careful with any of the ‘sign up to get X point promotions’, or any free trials to get points. Lots of them are dodgy and you won’t get any money and risk being charged! Just stick to the surveys and daily polls

Up to £4 per survey, once you reach £10 you get paid in vouchers
Get paid with Tesco, Argos, Boots, Topshop or iTunes vouchers

£2000 prize draw entries – No cash 
Only do this to top up the others

Listen to music? Write reviews for cash (paid with Paypal)
Certainly won’t make you rich like rolling stones magazine but you do get paid

How many survey sites should I sign up to?

You can soon run out of available surveys, so If you want to get a steady part-time income from them, we recommend signing up to them all.

How long does it take to actually get the money into my bank account?

Most survey sites require a certain amount (generally between £10-£25) before you can withdraw any money into voucher, paypal or bank transfer.

Once you request a withdrawal, it will generally take between a couple of hours to a couple of days.

What should I watch out for? How do I spot a fake?

Everyday we see our competitors display adverts or even post text links to fake/scam survey websites, most of them are like “Do you want to test the latest <insert name of desired product> and get to keep it?”

The survey sites we’ve listed have been around for several years and are all the market leaders so we suggest you start there, the best way to spot a fake is by seeing if they’re offering something too good to be true, i.e. a free product (worth £100s+), no company in their right mind will be doing that. Not even the manufactures of these products give people products to test.