Setup a YouTube channel & earn up to £170,000 a year.

xJawz's brand new 2011 Mercedes e350 coupe, worth £34,000+. Not bad at 17 as your first car!

Have you ever played a computer game and got stuck, frustrated or just simply couldn’t complete it?

Everyone has at some point contemplated searching online for tricks, cheats & guides to complete these frustrating games.

So how do you make money?

Simple create high quality content (videos/text/images) that are both relevant and new, post these on video sharing websites such as YouTube and request that adverts are shown on your videos. When the show gets big enough you can do in-video ads, where you read out ads.

OK, but who is actually going to watch it?

If you build it they will come, xJawz (image on right) at the time of writing has 762,742+ YouTube subscribers who watch, comment & most importantly click his adverts every day (making him roughly $1.50 per 1000 views).

The content he produces is key, they come for his detailed videos not just to click on his adverts.

He has a combined total view count of 154,848,321 (at time of writing), so that roughly works out at £147,743 since he started, but remember he will also get paid by third parties, sponsorship deals & that $1.50 is only a rough guess, so he could be earning more than double that estimate.

Oh yeah and he was born in 1994, crazy!

How much can I make from doing this?

Remember this is the perfect job, sitting at home doing something you love, videoing it & then speaking with people who also love the same thing.

So any money to start with will be great, but if you work hard enough and upload 1-2 HIGH QUALITY, WELL PRODUCED videos per week (some do it everyday) you will build up a YouTube following in a matter of months.

YouTube (Google) will pay you every time someone clicks on an advert placed within your video, so the more interesting the content you upload, the more it will be shared with friends and the more possible advert clickers visit your videos.

What is the most important advice?

Have a passion for the content you’re producing, if you don’t have a love for the work then it will soon become tedious and boring!

Most YouTubers will tell you they’re not in it for the money and we know why, although the jobs looks awesome on paper in reality it can take hours of time to capture the footage, commentate, edit, add effects, render, upload, promote, respond, comment… etc.

You MUST be certain that the you’re YouTubing for the right reasons, starting off just to make money is a MASSIVE mistake!

OK, I’m interested but what do I need to get started?

  • A decent web camera or an HD video camera, ideally with a resolution of 720p or 1080i/p.
  • A laptop/pc – Not sure which laptop to go for? Tweet us or FB us and we can recommend.
  • Video editing software – For beginners we recommend using movie maker for PC & if you’ve got a Mac use iMovie.
Optional extras:

Check out iJustine’s setup:

So she has a camera, a laptop, two big lights, a big white wall and a bedroom.

What industry/genre/topic/type should I do?

Do something you enjoy, it doesn’t matter how quirky it might be, you will find a group of people who’re interested & are willing to subscribe.

You have to be different, unique & offer good quality content, it’s just like the TV industry.

Remember the web is massive and is growing everyday, as of December 2011 2,267,233,74 were connect to the internet.

Lots of YouTubers create ‘Gaming’ videos, so how big is the gaming industry?

Short answer is massive but this should put it in perspective:

Avatar (the highly successful film) made a total box office profit of $2.78 billion (£1.79 billion).

Modern Warfare 3 (a game) reached $1 billion (£643 million) in its first 2 weeks, in the first 24 hours they sold 6.5 million units in just US & UK.

Creating video game videos & being successful will be difficult but it’s possible, just take a look at TheSyndicateProject, he joined on Sep 3, 2010, as of Feb 2012 he’s had 249,742,559

Can I play video games for cash?

Yes check out our in depth guide on how to play Xbox & PS3 games for cash.

What about game testing?

We’ve covered game testing and how game testing works.

Will I become famous?

That shouldn’t be important, but yes. Create great content and they will come.

Can you show a few YouTube stars? Yeah:

Got a YouTube channel up and running?

Tweet us the link & we will check it out.