Freelance yourself out

What do you enjoy doing?

Freelancing is awesome, but can also give you great headaches!

Cooking, Playing with Gadgets, Playing sports, Writing, Reading, Dancing, Shopping, Listening to music or even drawing stupid faces on your bum.

Our point is, if you like doing something you can make a living from it.

Here is the above list broken down into possible careers, freelancing is awesome as you have full control on what you do:

Cooking – Making how to cook videos on YouTube, writing books.

Playing with gadgets – Product tester, product reviewer

Playing sports – Coach is the most obvious, but what about an online coach!

Writing – This one is obvious, but you will be amazed how many websites need good writers! Find writing jobs.

Reading – Proof reading for cash can be boring but it’s the bread and butter of many, however if you can find interesting writers to proofread for you will be more than happy to work everyday 🙂  Got a favourite author? Send them an email with your details and offer some free proof reading, when there next books comes out they will come back.

Dancing – Online dance class? Learn more about setting up a YouTube channel.

Shopping – Get paid to shop or get paid to walk in to shops.

Listening to music and review it for cash! Chill out, listen to unsigned music, rate the songs & get paid!  Depending on how dedicated you are, you can make up to £30 per month just listening to music. Also if you’re a musician you can get real opinions & have an album financed by members.

Drawing stupid faces on your bum –  Amazingly people will pay you money to do this, alternatively search freelance community for other drawing jobs.

Where should I start?

  1. Do a couple of free projects to test out the market & to test yourself.
  2. Do some online learning, most types of freelancing is covered in some form online, do your research, search YouTube for relevant shows.
  3. Then you probably need to get a website up and running, this sounds daunting but is actually fairly easy these days.
  4. Word of mouth is the cheapest and one of the most effective methods of getting new business, work on this philosophy to start with.

Where can I find jobs that are available at the moment?