Buy products cheap and sell high

It is the most basic of businesses, but if done correctly can be a massive money spinner.

Selling ice cream can give amazing profits, but only in the summer 🙂

Firstly you need to find something that people around you buy:

  • Soft drinks
  • Ice creams (great at summer, obviously)
  • Memory Cards / Sticks
  • Stationary
  • Photographic Paper / Ink
  • Beer

Why would someone buy from me?

Because you’re going to offer added value, value that makes someone buy from you, rather than a competitor.
A few examples of added value:

  • Delivery at a time that suits the customer, i.e. if its sunny, the customer can stay where they’re and buy an ice-cream from you instead of walking 2 minutes to go to the shop.
  • The price, if you can buy in bulk and offer a better price than anyone locally.
  • Help with setup and problems directly on site.

So where do I get bulk products from?

  1. Wholesalers, the best thing to do is search the Wholesalers Directory, to search you must pay but it’s well worth the money if you’re serious about buying and selling.
  2. Short dated products sellers – up to 90% off – We have a full article on where to find end of line & short dated products.
  3. Amazon Bulk Buys & eBay Wholesale.
  4. Wholesale stores, nationwide you will find Costco & Makro, but locally you will probably find a few more.

Do your research first!

When buying in bulk it’s sometimes easy to think something is good value, when in fact it’s not.

Be ready to do some price comparison on certain products before putting any money down.

Remember VAT

Wholesalers generally sell to companies who don’t pay VAT on purchases, so they may not show the VAT price, this is especially true in Costco & it can easily trick your brain!