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There are several ways to keep up to date with everything we do:

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds enable you to see all the latest posts & pages we create without actually visiting our website to check, you can view these feeds via your internet browser or dedicated software on your computer and/or phone. You select the content you want to be kept up to date with and the software & RSS feeds do all the hard work.

How do I use RSS feeds?

You will need a News Aggregator or News Reader to collect RSS content, a quick glance will enable you to check multiple websites content without actually having to visit the websites, you will need one of the following:

  • Modern Web Browser plugin – Depending on your browser it may already have RSS capabilities built but failing that search for extensions or plugins, we use: Google Chrome – RSS Feed Reader with iGoogle Mozilla Firefox – RSS Ticker
  • Web-based news reader (the most popular) In the office we use iGoogle & Google Reader.
  • Desktop/mobile news reader on iPhone we use Flipboard

How do I select the content that I want to be kept up to date with?

  1. Goto the category you want i.e.
  2. then add the term ‘feed/’ at the end of the URL
  3. So it creates It’s very important that the URL ends with a forward slash ‘/’
  4. Then copy this RSS feed url to your favourite News Reader or News Aggregator.

I want a more customised experience

Say you want multiple categories but not a whole section i.e. health & beauty deals with supermarket deals but you don’t want to have multiple RSS feeds or the whole deals section. So you find all the pages you want to feed from e.g.

Then copy and paste those URLS insuring that ‘/feed/’ is at the end of the URL into RSS Mix – Then create a RSS mix and copy that new RSS feed to your News Aggregator or News Reader.

Are RSS feeds free?

All of our RSS feeds are 100% free to use – You will only pay if you decide to use a paid News Aggregator or News Reader.

I want to be notified via email as soon as the site is updated?

We have plans for this but it is taking us longer than anticipated to setup, so for now please sign up to this service: – Get updated RSS feed and blog content delivered directly to your inbox or – Copy the RSS feed and enter your email



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