Fantasy Football, Golf & F1 League

How many times have you said “if I managed them I would put/do/change/sack/hire…”

Could you bring them to victory?

Well you can now take full control of the following seasons:

You are the manager because you know all the teams, all the players or drivers and you think you can win the championship, you compete against other similar managers for a chance to win big cash.

Who do I play against?

This depend on the league but either against friends, family, work colleagues or literally anyone.

How does it work?

You pick the players, team, transfers, starting team, subs, literally everything and then you win points for what happens in real life.

What are the risks?

This is classed as gambling, but involves tremendous skill so probably not ideal for someone who only knows a little about the sport. If you watch MOTD every week religiously, watch all of the F1 including the after show or you tune in for all the holes at the golf then this is for you.

Am I likely to win big cash?

Depends on your skill, if you place stupid transfers, buys etc then you will be wasting money.

How much does it cost to play?

This depends on the season but £10 to £40 per season is the average price, you might find you can pay more for extra competitions, prizes etc.

Is it fun?

Yes, it’s a great social event each match day &  can be extremely fun competing against your mates about it all and it really gets you into all the games on MOTD 😉

What are the best places to play?

Lots of companies offer fantasy leagues, but 90% of them are built on top of the biggest and best Fantasy League company in the world, who have been around since 1991, oh and they originally founded the game.

How do I get my friends involved?

Sign up yourself, test it out, get them saving money on everything else so they can afford to join you.