The website

How can this website be free?

Simple, its our gift to you. In return we hope you can tell a couple of friends about us.
We make money my selecting quality relevant advertising for products and services that we would personally recommend.

Who funds the website?

Currently the site is funded by our founder & also funds are generated by the adverts mentioned above.

Do you actually need to be a student to use the site?

No actually the whole site generally would work for non-students as well.

I’ve found a link that doesn’t work

Really sorry about that, would you mind sending us the problem link via contact us page, Facebook us or Tweet us the missing link.


My details / Login etc

What happens to my details?

We securely store them. We never share, rent or sell them to anyone.
We may use them to better target our emails to you & customise the website for you.

I’ve lost my password and/or cannot login

Please request a new password or contact us for any more issues.

Why haven’t I received my account confirmation email?

Our emails generally only take a few minutes to arrive, but sometimes they take longer.
Sometimes they randomly get placed into your spam folder, be sure to check there.
If all else fails please try and join again or contact us.

I love the website, how can I help out?

  • Tweet us, Facebook comment or contact us whenever you find a bargain, deal, freebie, glitch or/and free delivery code.
  • Tell your friends about us, they will be thankful & so will we.
  • Good at writing? – Find something that you & our readers would find interesting (ideally money related), write an article ideally 500 words or more long & send it to us.
    We will pay you for the article if it’s any good 😉 Make sure you get a few people to read over it first.