UPDATE: For some people it’s showing ‘not available’, this might be due to your local stock levels. Try another beer. We think this should be 2 crates for £22 but it’s actually going through the tills + online as 3 crates for £22 ► 3 big crates of beer for £22.00 + £17 off £60 spend with code XXJNCP (new accounts) Budweiser > http://10ws.co/1adTei7 Carlsberg > http://10ws.co/16l36zo Strongbow > http://10ws.co/16l31vy Boddingtons > http://10ws.co/16l3fmc Full list on > http://10ws.co/16kZlKh (but was taken off earlier) For online deal you would need to add 9 crates, instore you should be able to test it with just 3 crates at a time. Proof it works in store: http://10ws.co/1f5wlgu Store locator: http://10ws.co/125bvdW Thanks to Shrikrishna for posting

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