Quick roundup of the things we’re doing this weekend, anyone care to join us? Free £10 bet, Twix glitch, Game of Thrones, Smirnoff, Blockbuster rental, cheap wine and beer. ► Free £10 bet (no deposit required) + if you win and upload a photo to our wall you might win a snazzy prize. Right lets see how much free money we can get out of this, they’re offering a free £10 bet but best of all you don’t need to deposit any money to play it! So it’s effectively free money! Remember we don’t condone gambling but this is different. Fingers crossed for some big wins! 1) Go to http://10ws.co/16U8oB8 2) Register and confirm you want the bonuses and sign up 3) Wait 4-48 hours for the free £10 bet to be in your account (most likely will take 24+ hours) 4) Put bet on and cross your fingers. Might be worth putting on an outsider etc, so if it does win you can cash out big. Any betting tips? Post in comments for others please 5) Can withdraw money via Paypal/Visa card etc If you win big (or small) upload a screenshot of your win so we can add up the totals, we will pick one for a nice prize. IMPORTANT: you might have to supply a photo of your ID etc to prove you’re who you say you’re + to check you’re aged 18+ (helps them stop fraud etc), this is normal for gambling/betting sites but most likely will only be for people wanting to withdraw. Also due to legislation when you come to withdraw your winnings you might have to prove you’ve got the card you’re sending the winnings to, the only way for them to do this is for you to normally deposit £5 or more and bet with it, pain in the arse but if you’ve already made a decent profit you won’t care. ► Twix glitch is LIVE at moment! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=579796468724582 ► 275ml Smirnoff Ice bottles 49p at B&M http://10ws.co/110cokW (in store only, locations specific) Relive your youth with this tasty drink ;) ► Game of Thrones Kindle or eBook 99p each (normally £3.99-£10 each) http://10ws.co/17woFkf (all 99p Kindle versions) OR http://10ws.co/17wqBJp If buying from Sainsbobs you might be able to get 1000 extra Nectar points by using codes EBSFTSCAT2 and EBSFTSENTDEL ► Smirnoff Vodka 1 litre bottles have £4.30 knocked off + order 4 bottles (with a new account) and get extra £17 off with code, making them only £12.75 each. Add 4 to basket > http://10ws.co/1brPsCi Then use code XXNGN7 at checkout, you should be able to get free click and collect. Failing that add £2-£5 for delivery. ► Free Blockbuster rental + free popcorn! O2 moments customers only (should be you all) Still not an O2 moments customer? You must be crazy! 1) Order a FREE ‘Pay & Go Go Go’ sim card fromhttp://10ws.co/19wtxWU insert sim into phone and activate the app, can do for free. 2) Download the app ‘Priority moments’ apphttp://10ws.co/17J5d5v (Android/iOS/Blackberry) 3) Go to blockbuster and find the item/show them code/app at till 4) Walk away with ‘freebie’. ► Cheap wine deal! Basically they’ve got up to 50% off selected wine + £5 off £20 spend on selected wine + £17 off £60 code (new accounts only) 1) Pick wine from http://10ws.co/19ZsT2s (Spanish or Australian, use the tabs to find the ones you want) 2) Ensure you’ve got £60 in your basket, select free click and collect if possible failing that delivery fees will need to be added 3) Enter codes XXNGN7 & GR63TR 4) Checkout out NOTE: If using ‘Secure via Visa etc’ you will see the full priced before discounts, don’t worry this is normal and you will be charged the lower price. Few people reporting a glitch where if you order just the wine and use the codes, the price has been extremely low when you go to pick up because the total online is over £60 but it hasn’t taken off the 50% off wine until you go to pick up _____ ► 3 for £21 on cases of beer/cider etc + £17 off £60 spend with code XXNGN7 (new accounts only) http://10ws.co/15IQ0f5 Here are the best of the lot, not as good as the previous glitch but still cheaper than going in store to buy Brothers Festival 7% Pear Cider 12X330ml > http://10ws.co/15IP8ar Thatchers 4.7% 12 x 440ml > http://10ws.co/15IP62a Grolsch 5% 12X330ml > http://10ws.co/15IPfCL Full selection of Tosco* codes > http://10ws.co/toscocodes ► New MyProtein codes added http://10ws.co/proteincodes ____ P.s. this post makes this page look like it’s full of drunk, chocolate eating, money gambling, movie watching, sex and violence lovers…. Only partly true ;) Have a good evening :) Just in case: http://www.drinkaware.co.uk/ http://gameofthronescostuming.tumblr.com/ http://www.gambleaware.co.uk/

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