Free pint of proper beer, free alcohol, £2.49 hair dryer, 99p chocolate oranges & few deals you might have missed ► Free pint of Young’s Bitter, Special or Gold at participating pubs (until Sunday) Use alias email as it prints voucher on next page Loads of places to use it, mostly London but might find a local ► Free drinks at all Revolution bars tomorrow 1) See if you’ve got a bar near you 2) Get an alias email and fake phone number ready. Use something like 07900000000 3) Go to and pick beer etc 4) IMPORTANT THEY WILL ‘SPAM’ YOU IF YOU USE REAL DETAILS 5) Voucher is printable on the next page Print out a few for your mates, get them to do the same. Alternative trips to the bar! #winning Thanks to those who messaged us ► Mark Hill leopard print mini hair dryer for £2.49 Not online but here is the range > B/C ends: 806642 Confirmed at several stores so worth a look Thanks to Kim for posting ► Terrys chocolate oranges 99p at Morris0ns (in store only) Thanks to Jess. ► Found a deal useful? Give the post a like, it helps us know what you want to see more of. ____ Few deals you might have missed: ► Free Snack Bars (worth 75p) ENSURE you use alias email (one that you can access) ► £19.99 Sennheiser X320 Xbox headset. RRP: £89.99 ► Free 30ml hand cream (including Absinthe) print voucher and take to store 1) Get a temporary email from or 2) Enter your details BUT USE ALIAS EMAIL on 3) Check your email and you will have received a voucher 4) Print voucher and go in store to and collect ► Ladies shoes/trainers from £3 (free P&P on £10 spend) ► £10 Domino’s voucher for £10… but you get £10 to play on Bingo (+ you keep any winnings) ► Cheap beer

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