Free business exhibition, tasting evenings, GTAV celeb signed prints, earn £30+ for stickers, cheap lollies ► Free tickets to Annual Business Startup Exhibition From Ex Dragons to Head of Agency sales at Twitter it should be very interesting Even if you’re ‘just’ looking for a job you might as well attend. It does stipulate ‘no students’ which is a bit weird, presumably they don’t want loads of university professors thinking it’s a free day out for their class. So just register as yourself. ► Free Tosco* Finest tasting evenings WARNING: Only a handful of locations, some already fully booked Image courtesy of Emma on Thanks to Miró for reminder ► GTA V Online – Get $500,000 GTA$ Stimulus Package this Month Doesn’t mean much to most people but for the gamers amongst us you should be ‘excited’ ► Free celebrity ‘signed’ prints Some people get them, others don’t. Completely free no bank card details needed etc Thanks to Nikki for photo ► Earn £30-£50 per month just having stickers on your car They get professionals to place temporary vinyl stickers on your car, they leave no damage/marks etc, you then drive around as normal and once the period has finished you get paid. Then go back to the professional installers and they have the vinyls removed (they pay for the installation/removal etc). Worth signing up for just in case you need some cash one month. ► Some cheap ice-cream/lollies (in store only, location specific) Fabs Blackcurrant 62p Haagen Daz £1.24 Butterscotch finest 68p Baby Haagen Daz Baileys 19p Carte D’Or Creme Brulee £1.24 Thanks to Snapant (

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