Free £7.99 books, Maximuscle, Pressure Washer, Photo booth ‘idiot’? & free Santa letters UPDATE: Pressure washer is actually £59 :( ► O2 moments customers (should be you all) Can pick up 1 of 8 different Autumn Book Club books for free from Whsmith (RRP £7.99) Still not an O2 moments customer? You must be crazy! 1) Order a FREE ‘Pay & Go Go Go’ sim card from insert sim into phone and activate the app, can do for free. 2) Download the app ‘Priority moments’ app (Android/iOS/Blackberry) 3) Go to and find the item/show them code/app at till 4) Walk away with ‘freebie’. Full selection of books ► Maximuscle Cyclone 1.2KG £46.80 down to £23.40 + £15 off £60 spend Use code: XXFFCH (new accounts only), might be able to click and collect for free, failing that £3+ for delivery NOT showing for some people, try logging in to see. £35-£50 elsewhere, not for everyone but much cheaper than normal You might find it still cheaper to shop at places like ► Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC X-Tra Pressure Washer Patio Cleaner Set with 1400W FROM 12.59pm TODAY This will sell out, £89.99 normally, £149 RRP Loads more Amazon Lighning deals Spotted any possible bargains? ► Are you a passport photo machine idiot? STOP BLOODY PAYING NEARLY £5 FOR 4 PHOTOS when you can do it for 15p yourself 1) Snap several photos against a white/off white background. Minimise the amount of shadows. Probably best to NOT use flash. 2) Go to or & upload photo 3) Save image to your computer 4) Upload image to and pay 15p to get print sent to your local store Notes: you can also print out your photo by putting it on a USB stick and going to your nearest photo printing place, will still be much cheaper than the booths Photo looking a bit s**t? Follow this technique or find your nearest Photoshop friend to help you out ►Free personalised Santa letters

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