Before some ‘newbie’ says it, we don’t condone gambling but this is perfect if you’re planning on buying Domino’s pizza in the future anyway. You’re effectively buying a £10 Domino’s voucher for £10 + getting £10 to ‘gamble’ + if you win you can withdraw the profit. If you lose then you’ve still got the £10 Domino’s voucher. 1) Deposit £10 at SunBingo and they will give you a £10 Domino’s voucher (within 24 hours) 2) We HIGHLY suggest you DON’T ACCEPT the BONUS but if do accept they will give you a total of £30 to play with (this can’t be as easily withdrawn but it’s certainly possible). If you do accept the bonus you will have to play 1 x that initial bonus (on Bingo) before you can withdraw it, i.e. if your bonus is £30 you will have to play £30 worth of tickets before you can withdraw any further profit. If you don’t understand that then just don’t accept the bonus. Full details of the bonus can be found on the site. 3) Start playing the £10 you deposited on one of the games, we lost the £10 within about 20 minutes but we saw some people walking away with £200+ on some rounds, so cross those fingers! 4) Within 24 hours you will get voucher for Domino’s pizza via email Probably best to spend it on a Tuesday as it should be BOGOF 5) Fingers crossed you win some cash, if not you’ve still got the £10 Domino’s voucher so technically not lost anything. ___ NOTES: Don’t get addicted to gambling you noob ;) Friend refers & cashback deals won’t work alongside this so don’t bother as you will probably end up £10 down. T&C’s apply (see site) but nothing really to hide (unless you take the bonus)

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