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Does it frustrate you that you always seem to run out of money?

You're not living the high life, but still each month you struggle.

You go to University or College and get a fixed amount from a student loan or grant and then if you're lucky an allowance from parents or maybe a part-time job.

  • You spend this money on

    rent, nights out, shopping, eating, travelling & the odd book or two.

  • You know deep down that university is costing you a fortune

    but you're also having the best time of your life and know it's a stepping stone in life.

  • You've never contemplated making money online

    because you feel it's too risky.

  • Sound familiar?

    Don't worry you're not alone!

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It's actually not your fault.

The UK education system has never taught you about real life money issues, your parents have unknowingly forced their opinions on you - study hard, get a job & then support your family.

At no point has anyone sat down and tried to explain how to save money, make money or even invest money. So of course it's going to feel risky even just talking about it.

The internet is vast and full of crap - to the untrained eye it's a minefield, especially when talking about money - full of scams, rubbish e-books, fake eBay items, illegal websites & viruses.

So what is really possible?

You will be able to buy all your mates a drink and then not worry about them buying you one back.

You will have drastically reduced your weekly costs, without holding back on the items you love to buy.

A part time salary could be your monetary reward (depending on how hard you 'work') but more importantly you're free to work from anywhere and whenever you want, meaning hangover days are now officially work days (& you will love it).

How are we different?

We've experienced true student life - we still remember eating those 8p noodles whilst we were waiting for the next loan payment to hit our account.

Other websites only care about one thing, paying the bills - but this site is actually a hobby of ours - because we've already made our money.
We're in the fortunate position that we can find the best deals, glitches, freebies & methods without having large corporations demanding certain advertising goals or telling us what we need to post - meaning you get clear and concise information without all the bullshit.

Some people find what we do disruptive but most of you will see it as the new way of doing things.

What are the next steps?

  • Complete a step-by-step guide - This will introduce you to how we work & show you the potential of our site.
  • Start to cut your costs but still buy the same things.
  • Time to grab some freebies along the way.
  • Now concentrate on our glitches & deals.
  • Once complete it's time to help the community by submitting new articles & deals.

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What do our current users think about what we do?

"you guys are amazing"
Dani Greenspan via Facebook
"This is actually awesome! :D Thanks!"
Beth McManus via Facebook
"I love this site!"
Lewis Cocks via Facebook
"this page is awesome"
Joe Evans & 13 others via Facebook
"This page is slowly growing in awesomeness! keep up the good work! 1 bargain printer ordered :)"
Ketu Collette via Facebook
"brilliant it actually works :) cheers guys ;) +1 :)"
Graham Rose via Facebook


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How much have our users actually saved?

As an example Tyelle saved £91 on her shopping, Jordan saved £77 on his chocolate & Niall saved £350 on 5 printers but selling them on would give him a profit of £155.


"Just want to let you know, you have changed my life! The stuff I have needed and [the] awesome savings [I've had]. [Are all] thanks to your hard work, awesome! Thank you soo much and keep up the great work!"

Cat Metcalfe via Facebook



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This all sounds great but how much is it going to cost me?

It's our hobby, imagine paying your mate to play football all day, it just wouldn't happen!

We never charge you anything & most importantly we don't sell, share or rent your details with anyone!

But how can you afford to fund the website?

We enjoy doing it, we meet amazing people & it keeps our mind fresh, but the website does cost us money: webservers, people & equipment. To fund this side we have implemented affiliate networks into some of our content, meaning some deals, offers and freebies actually make us money. This doesn't affect the price you pay & because it's our hobby it doesn't effect the content we produce. Think of it like a thank you, i.e. we refer you to a company and that company says thanks StudentCash, here is 50p!

"I don't know what you guys get out of it, Or if it's just the altruism, but you guys are life-savers. "

Clyde Curtis via Facebook

OK, so what is the catch?

We've got more important things to do than to try and trick you (no offence) - just take a look around our website if it's not for you send us an email telling us why & then leave.

275,000+ likes on our most popular FB page

We've had over 700,000+ users, a combined total Facebook like ranking of 330,000 & can safely say we've changed a few peoples lives

You can delete your account at anytime, the details you provide are secure & will never be shared, sold, rented or seen by anyone.

Our point is that if we ripped people off, spammed them or sold their details on we certainly wouldn't have such a beautiful and talented fanbase.

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Time to start

It's now time to save money, make a profit & invest that new money.

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