Have a free pint of Carlsberg (voucher), use tonight at any Hungry Horse 1) Find local > http://10ws.co/15tPK6Q 2) Print off voucher (or save to your phone) http://10ws.co/15tNFYx 3) Take in and get free pint If you don’t like Carlsberg tough, no free alcohol for you. If you don’t live near one tough ;) Enjoy. Can also be used next Tuesday. The original voucher for those good with ‘Inspect Element’ http://10ws.co/15tL8xm (thanks Bronni)

via 10 ways to have more money as a student, without working. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=583237691713793&set=a.208709642499935.45866.207695419268024&type=1