Free tea lights, ladies shoes/trainers, free packaging/boxes, Free £10 bet (no deposit required) + couple of deals you might have missed ► 100 tea lights for free with Ikea membership card You need a Family card from Store locator: ► Ladies shoes/trainers from £2.70 (free P&P on £10 spend) Use code FASHION10 for 10% off all fashion or FASHION15 for 15% off £35 spend Codes end 19/09 ► Free £20 worth of packaging/boxes etc See if you’ve got a local store on then follow steps Now if you’ve still not got one of these simcards, you’re a big fool (sorry but it’s the truth), we’ve had so many freebies over the past 2 years. 1) Order a free ‘Pay & Go Go Go’ sim card insert sim into phone and activate the app, can do for free. 2) Download the app ‘Priority moments’ app (Android/iOS/Blackberry) 3) Search for storage and find ‘Access Self Storage’, go to local and you can pick £20 worth of stuff for free. They will want email/phone number and might ask if you want to buy storage space etc but loads of people last time just walked away with whatever they wanted from boxes to tape. 4) Walk away with ‘freebie’. Thanks to David for posting ► Free £10 bet (no deposit required) 1) Go to 2) Use code BF10 or the code the system automatically puts on the form (should already be in the form) 3) Confirm you want the bonuses and sign up 4) Wait 24-48 hours and bonus will be in your account 5) Put bet on a ‘sure thing’ and cross your fingers 6) Can withdraw money via Paypal/Visa card etc WARNING: you might have to supply photo ID to prove you’re who you say you’re, this is normal for gambling/betting sites but most likely will only be for people wanting to withdraw. Also due to most legislation you have to deposit a min of £10 if you want to actually withdraw money, however this £10 can also be withdrawn. e.g. you win £55, you deposit £10 (to confirm your account details), then withdraw £65. ___ Few deals you may have missed: ► £10 Domino’s voucher for £10… but you get £10 to play on Bingo (+ you keep any winnings) ► Cheap beer ► Thanks to everyone for uploading photos, we love seeing them all :)

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